Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sky Broadband Packages in the Philippines

It's been a week now since I wanted to opt in for a Sky broadband connection at home since my internet via Globe isn't that reliable and I'm starting to get annoyed at the connection speed. It isn't what the commercials are saying definitely and I know it for a fact since I am an internet geek guy and I'm not dumb to not know all about it.

3G signals are really poor especially if your area is a bit low or covered even just by trees. Today, since I've got a cable connection via Sky, I saw a commercial on their broadband packages. 1 Mbps is a bit cheaper than Globe whose service by the way is so poor with respect to internet connection via 3g signal.

I would like to try this one out but let me see first what happens after a month or so and I will be updating this post too for the benefit of those who might be able to read this article. If I were you, I'd subscribe to my feeds here at Philosophy Chunks so you can get updated as to the experience level with Sky broadband.

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