Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tin is out of the PBB Unlimited house: Paco and Slater is up for a task

Last night was really something to rejoice about inside the PBB house. Even if I was a bit saddened by the eviction of Tin Patrimonio, I'd like to say I enjoyed watching PBB Unlimited episode. Well that is of course because the turnout of events was really great.

With only 5 housemates left inside the house, Biggel, Pamu, Paco, Slater and Divine, there is not stopping from having only 4 housemates left for the final big day at the Quirino Grandstand this March 31, 2012.

With the last test passed, Slater and Paco will be up for another hard task to allow 5 housemates in the end of the date this month because the finale is on. I can't wait but watch the final day.