Monday, February 17, 2014

10 Things to Consider in Applying for Maritime Seaman Loan in the Philippines

In the Philippines, seaman loan is probably one of the first types of non secured high risk loans promoted to become a 1 day release loan making it the unbeatable fastest type of loan to apply for. The problem is that not everybody may apply for this cash credit for sailors so currently, there are works being done by different lending companies like Asialink Finance and Global Dominion, 2 of the current biggest lending companies offering the said loan to offer the car loan without taking car using only the original OR CR of a vehicle. Anyway, these 2 mecca providers are just a start and I am sure that many other companies will follow the new system.

Getting back to the original discussion, I would like to make sure that maritime workers immediately know and understand about the different loan application requirements for a seafarer loan. That not all applications may yield the same result of getting the fast approval due to different cases and situation not met by a particular case of a sailor. While many would think that the 1 day release low interest loan applies to all, I would like to make it clear that everything else is a case to case basis.

Upon study being a loan consultant for multiple lending companies all over the Philippines, I learned that you must meet certain pre qualifying requirements in order to achieve fast loan application approval and release of cash. If you want to know more about this, you can visit here -

In the meantime, for a more relevant understanding of how everything works from processing of the maritime loan to the loan interest rates and how to avail of the lowest add on charges to how to go over with knowing if you can immediately qualify for a 1 day release, please stand by for more updates we will be posting here soon. Good luck to your loan application and may you all get what you need to with the help of a professional and qualified loan consultant in the Philippines. You may also see the list of documentary requiremetns below.

Seaman Loan Requirements

  • Completely filled up loan application form
  • POEA-validated LATEST seaman agency contract
  • OEC (latest and valid)
  • seaman book or SIRB
  • Allotment slip or allotment certificate
  • Marriage contract (if married) (3 months latest payslip of co-borrower or allottee if not married)
  • Original proof of billing (only electric or water bill is accepted)
  • Those who are married and have joint checking account have the edge and will take less processing time plus release of loan will be faster (less the application time to banks for a checking account when referred by the lending company)
  • 2 valid IDs
  • SRC or seaman's registration certificate ID
  • Latest and valid passport
  • 4 pcs 2x2 photos (both allottee and seaman)
10 Things to Consider

  1. Interest rate
  2. Loan consultant assistance (it's free)
  3. 1 day release possibility
  4. other charges
  5. hidden charges
  6. loan calculator and computation
  7. loan payment terms
  8. bank to apply for a checking account
  9. payment amortization choices
  10. penalties and other charges

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Auto LPG found dangerous to health?

I actually heard the news last night. It said that auto lpg used in many converted taxis in Metro Manila have been found to be so very dangerous to the driver's health especially that they are the ones found to be exposed to the chemicals found in the said auto fuel.

As a taxi passenger back when I still don't have a car, talking to some taxi drivers actually revealed that there were a few who already died mysteriously and rumor has it that the auto lpg is the one responsible for the driver's death which is a quick one in a couple of month after a long time exposure to the auto lpg and effects start to seeth through the body by losing excessive weight. If you happen to be one of those who were affected by this symptom, please consult a medical professional at once. Let's see what the LTO has to say about this.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tin is out of the PBB Unlimited house: Paco and Slater is up for a task

Last night was really something to rejoice about inside the PBB house. Even if I was a bit saddened by the eviction of Tin Patrimonio, I'd like to say I enjoyed watching PBB Unlimited episode. Well that is of course because the turnout of events was really great.

With only 5 housemates left inside the house, Biggel, Pamu, Paco, Slater and Divine, there is not stopping from having only 4 housemates left for the final big day at the Quirino Grandstand this March 31, 2012.

With the last test passed, Slater and Paco will be up for another hard task to allow 5 housemates in the end of the date this month because the finale is on. I can't wait but watch the final day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sky Broadband Packages in the Philippines

It's been a week now since I wanted to opt in for a Sky broadband connection at home since my internet via Globe isn't that reliable and I'm starting to get annoyed at the connection speed. It isn't what the commercials are saying definitely and I know it for a fact since I am an internet geek guy and I'm not dumb to not know all about it.

3G signals are really poor especially if your area is a bit low or covered even just by trees. Today, since I've got a cable connection via Sky, I saw a commercial on their broadband packages. 1 Mbps is a bit cheaper than Globe whose service by the way is so poor with respect to internet connection via 3g signal.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Unofficially Yours movie trailer / teaser released by Star Cinema in their Youtube account

Unofficially Yours Movie by Star Cinema
We all know that has always been the venue for some of the best and new films for 2012. If you want to catch a glimpse of a different blockbuster movie this 2012, you've got to read this. Well, just to share with you more about it, the official movie poster is out as well as the official Unofficially Yours movie trailer / teaser cinema reproduce.

It's a totally awesome thing to know you can watch the digital video below. Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz is cute together, I must say and this movie will surely click in the silver screen. When it hits, i'll be one of the first to fall in line to watch this new film. They complement, they jive and they perfectly complement each other on screen. Full credits to movie poster to Star Cinema at or in their youtube account. Try searching Star Cinema channels there.