Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sadsad 2012 in Kalibo Aklan Fiesta celebration and Cebu Pacific Promos we'll reserve early in 2013 fiesta

Although me and mom were always updated with the latest Kalibo Aklan Sadsad street dance and fiesta celebration, this year, we were not able to attend it. Last year was a blast and this year is something we'll have to live with as we were not able to see the Sadsad 2012 feast dance on the streets of Kalibo.

We will be planning early next year when we attend and from there on, we will make sure to make early reservations to cebu pacific promos even before the year ends. I'd like to be there to see the different and new sets of floats competing for the glory of winning the prestige and not just the price for our locality in Buruanga Aklan. We will be in Kalibo Aklan fiesta 2013...!

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