Thursday, September 1, 2011

Juan Manuel Marquez visits the Philippines to promote fight with Manny Pacquiao

There are indications that the fight Marquez vs Pacquiao III is getting near as tension builds up. That is because Juan Manuel Marquez just visited the Philippines to promote his fight with the Pinoy champ and pound for pound king, Manny Pacquiao this coming November 2011 as scheduled by Toprank Promotions according to press release.

JuanMa visited the Philippines and upon arrival, he was welcome by the Manila Mayor, Alfredo Lim at the Manila City Hall and afterwards (probably the next day) he jogged at the Luneta Quirino Grandstand as part of his conditioning and preparation for the fight he have always wanted to go with to prove he deserved to win against Pacquiao.

Let's just see come November 2011 if Marques indeed can still cope up with the weight class that Manny is now in. Back in their previous fights, both fighters were in the 122-126 pound division but its a different story in the upcoming Pacquiao vs Marquez because the fighters will meet where Pacquiao is comfortable fighting in, the 140 welterweight division.

This is the same division where Marquez was defeated by Floyd Mayweather in his last fight to the test. He failed back then but will his eagerness to win against the champ, Pacquiao be enough to take hime up there? Let us see.

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