Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Philippines Tourist Spots

Philippine islands comprise 7,100 islands and you bet that out of that number, Philippines tourist spots are all abound by: Philosophy Chunks. If there is 25% of this number had people living on them, chances are there are still lots of places you can go for a tour that is a virgin island.

I remember that we used to come over to Camarines Norte in Daet which is part of Bicol and we found there in an isolated island a white sand beach virtually and literally untouched by technology. That island was called Mahabang Buhangin or Calaguas Island in the Philippine Map.

Now, we all know that Boracay Island used to be untouched but technology has already changed it so tourists would rather prefer somewhere serene and more quiet to take a tour with. Camarines Norte in my opinion is a good place to start with. I also heard Camiguin Island is one. There are numbers of beaches untouched there with white natural sands too.

All it takes I guess is the desire to come and money to spend to be able to find the perfect Philippines tourist spots to settle and come over. In our next posts is where you will see the true beauty of the Philippines with respect to island tours and resorts and beaches and tourists spots you can only imagine ever existed. We hope to find them all for you and to share it with you as well so we can maybe meet halfway along the way if destiny permits it.

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